Đậu ngự phấn hồng Scarlet ( Phaseolus vulgaris,PHA00105)

Đậu ngự tím Scarlet
Phaseolus vulgaris,PHA00105
Giống đậu ngự tím này vừa là giống đậu bổ dưỡng vừa được trồng trang trí do có hoa đẹp.Màu hoa như màu phượng vĩ . Thích hợp khí hậu hơi lạnh.
Scarlet Runner Bean  : Grown more as an ornamental than as a food crop, the pods of Scarlet Runner are edible and very nutritious. Vines grow quickly and easily, and should be supported to a height of 8’. Blooms are a radiant, fiery color, somewhere between scarlet and orange and are held in clusters on 12” stems that hold up very well as a cut flower.

Scarlet Runner Bean - Pinetree Garden Seeds - Vegetables,Flowers  - 1
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